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About Sunneda
Our corporate culture
– “the product quality& our service should serve as the root of our team and the fundamental that Sunneda can't do without”.
Our Management Philosophy
– team innovations, tripartite win-win, so it would be a win-win situation.
Our core values
– Dream, Responsibility, diligence, and gratitude.
Our Business
OEM & ODM ✔ Projects Customization ✔ Stock Supplies
New product
The set of KD structures with the Bamboo appearance design is composed of traditional Chinese aesthetics.
The Bamboo Sofa features artificial bamboo in Aluminum.
Like the meanings of bamboo in traditional Chinese culture, the set provides a sense of honesty, uprightness, simplicity and plainness, and unyieldingness – and not without gentleness and warmth.
The table’s top was made from high-temperature glazes.
The matching plush emerald cushions ensure a small “oasis “for your outdoors, distancing yourself from the hustle and bustle of urban life.
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